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  • There is one week left (until April 9th) to rate our designs in We Love Fine’s Transformers Design Contest. Everyone’s support has been amazing. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback so please help us help you to get the shirts you want by showing We Love Fine how you feel with your ratings and comments!

    Regardless of whether or not we win, we are giving away 2 free art requests in return for helping us out with ratings!

    If you haven’t rated our shirts yet, go rate the designs now. When you are done, come back here, tell us, and we’ll add you to the raffle.

    If you have already rated our shirts, that’s okay. You can still get your name in the raffle by getting other people to rate them. Once you’ve used your Jedi mind tricks on your significant other, relative, or internet savvy pet, let us know and we’ll put you in the raffle.

    If you have already rated our shirts and coerced a friend into rating them too, advertise for us on your Facebook, Twitter, not-Tumblr-website account and we’ll put your name in the raffle a second time. Submit a link to us so we can check out your handiwork and you get x2 shots at winning.

    April 9th is the last day you can rate designs. Once rating is closed, we’ll draw two winner’s names.

    If any of our designs win, we will draw ANOTHER name and buy that person a t-shirt or something of equivalent value.

    Remember, the scale is 1 for “meh” to 5 for “I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.” Rating every single shirt in the contest would be awesome but it is not required for our raffle.

    Thank you guys so much!

    P.S. If you want to let We Love Fine know how much you need these shirts on your hot body, there is a comment box in the lower right hand corner ;)

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      For a variety of reasons, the answer is no, not really 1) Buying votes is using or...
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      Sorry, but isn’t that kind of… buying votes? Just… isn’t that a little uncool?
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      I voted on the 2nd week, but I didn’t know they were doing a raffle too :(
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      MIGHTY NEED INDEED I’d love all of theeese!!!!
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      these look amazing!
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