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  • gayslipstream: Soooo, do you guys have any opinion on the ladybots introduced in TF:U? (I mean, aside from the obvious fact that body types vary little to nothing and we got more lady Cons than Bots which COULD be because of the "femme fatale" trope or the implication of warrior = bitch or queer-coded villain stuff) Because I really love Catapult and I just wanted to let you know that because LADYBOTS ;;

    Anj here. We’ve kept an eye on the designs since they started releasing character profiles. While Res hasn’t touched the game, I’ve played a bit here and there.


    We do agree that the lack of variety in female body types is disappointing. Astraea is the only one with any real difference in design. The others are just Barbie torsos, back kibble, and LEGS THAT GO FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES.

    However, that’s just an assessment of the ladies’ designs on their own. Compared to the guys and given the format of the game, these aren’t the worst female designs.

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    Auditions Closed

    All these voices are AWESOME! We’re so excited to work with such enthusiastic people. You have no idea.

    Unfortunately, while we told ourselves that we’d cast everyone while I was visiting Anj these last couple of days, come to find out “work on TF Elite in person” actually meant “make all the pancakes and watch Rescue Bots.” Truly a tragedy.

    We both have family plans coming up because of the Fourth but, the moment we can sit and focus on casting, we’ll force ourselves to do so. For real this time.

    Until then, thanks to the people we have cast so far! Your enthusiasm is infectious. Talking to you makes us want to do ALL THE THINGS.

    And we look forward to announcing the full line up :D